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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Autumn Update - Exciting News!

October is here and with it comes Hugs & Stitches annual donation to The Shepherd's Staff and their Call for Coats program! They asked if we could possibly make 800 scarves for them this year and not only did we manage that, but lots of hats and mittens to go with some of them too!

So - here are the final counts for our donations to Shepherd's Staff:

Scarves: 875
Hats: 230
Mittens: 120 pair

I think we made our goal - and then some!! Way to go ladies - you are all fantastic!! Aside from all of the scarves, hats and mittens, we also managed to make 105 afghans along the way! These ladies are crochet and knitting maniacs!! Each week they surpass their previous accomplishments and each new item is more beautiful than the last! You can see for yourself in the photos below just how pretty all of their work is!

This is one of our hard working ladies - Joan - who both knits and crochets!!
Such talent - and look how beautiful her work is!
Here she is - modeling a gorgeous hat and scarf she made in a
pattern she figured out herself from a larger afghan pattern!

One of my favorite color combinations in an afghan!
As beautiful as it looks here, it's even more so in person!

An afghan done in a variation of a ripple pattern, combined with
a granny design. The group has dubbed this pattern:
Granny's Drinkin' Ripple!
It doesn't take much to amuse us on Tuesday evening!

NOW - for even more of the exciting news! The Baltimore Sun, Carroll section did an article on our group in today's paper. You could see all of the ladies handiwork featured in the picture and I tried to make sure I got something from each lady in the group in the picture. One or two of them may have gotten cropped out - but I think for the most part I got one of each in there! Unfortunately - the paper could not get to our group meeting to take pictures of all of us but at least all of their hard work is pictured! I'm sorry you all can't read the article as the Sun links don't work after a certain amount of time. But trust me - it was a great article!
So - now that we are finished with the Shepherd's Staff project, we are already hard at work on our next goal. Each year, another local charity organization holds a Christmas Dinner for the homeless men and women of the area. Hugs & Stitches will once again supply them with 50 scarves and hats to give the men and women who come to the dinner.
I hope everyone has enjoyed the new pictures and the article on Hugs & Stitches. We are so happy to be able to continue our work and know that people are being blessed.
Have a wonderful day and come back to visit any time!


  • At 8:30 PM, Blogger Jemit said…

    Excellent job, ladies.. you can be very proud of yourselves for your incredible accomplishments and your incredible love for others..
    We applaud you all!

  • At 12:21 AM, Anonymous kathy said…

    Hi, Sandi,
    I got a wonderful thank you note
    from you today for some boxes of
    yarn I sent to you. What a surprise. I am glad you will be able to use the yarn for your wonderful, thoughtful, generous work. I wish I lived closer so I could join you on Tuesdays. Keep up the great work.
    Kathy Selinsky Catonsville MD

  • At 3:24 PM, Blogger Wendy said…

    I love all of the pictures!!! It looks like sooo much fun...someone will be a little warmer thanks to you all!


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