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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Finally - Some Pictures!!

Hugs & Stitches donates items to the Westminster Rescue Mission Men's Program (among other places) and this is a photo of me with the director there (Andy). They asked if they could take a picture for their newsletter and I agreed and asked if I could also use the photo on our BLOG. As you can see - they agreed! They were happy to receive the afghans, scarves, hats and mittens and said they would even use them as an incentive program for the men there. I'm just happy that they were able to use them!

The afghans above were made by three different members of our group and were taken to different locations. We always enjoy receiving a letter from the recipient of the items we donate - especially when they come from a child who seems so thrilled to have it! That's why we keep doing what we do - for the kids! (we donate to many adults - but focus on the kids)
This afghan was made for a very special lady who lost her home and everything in it during a flood! How horrible to lose everything you own! It seems such a small thing to offer an afghan to someone in that position - but at the same time - it is a gift of warmth and comes from the heart. I hope it keeps her warm for many years to come.

Now for news on our counts for the year. Since half the year is now gone - I figured it was time to get those counts done. Not only for those of you who read our BLOG - but so we know how much we still have to do before the cold weather moves back in! So here are the totals so far this year:

Afghans: 80
Scarves: 430
Hats: 146
Mittens: 83

Not too bad!! But we still have a long way to go to our goal of 800 scarves. At least we are more than half way there - but not by much! But we have now started to concentrate on only scarves, hats and mittens - so we should have no problem meeting our goal. We will go back to making more afghans once we have met our goal.

Well - even though the weather has been brutally hot - we are still on the beautiful front porch of Summerville. Somehow - no matter how hot it gets - there is always the most wonderful breeze blowing across that porch! I think GOD just wants to keep us cool and comfortable so we can keep on making those scarves!! And that's just what we are going to do - keep on crocheting and knitting away!!

I hope you enjoy our little blog - and I'm glad I was finally able to get some pictures here for you. Keeps it interesting! We wish everyone a Happy Fourth of July! Come back and see us soon - we always enjoy new company!


  • At 1:57 PM, Blogger Jthemilker said…

    How lovely. I especially like the black and blue one - the colors are awesome!

  • At 11:52 PM, Anonymous jim_elsie said…

    Glad you all are knitting right along. Too bad I'm across country , I'd like to join you. Keep up the good work and God Bless you. Elsie

  • At 12:44 PM, Anonymous Moyna said…

    Great work.


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